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UH Releases Report on ‘Wonder Blunder’

Our media partner KITV has this report. Excerpts:

Among the revelations of a fact-finder’s report Thursday on how to prevent the future loss of University of Hawaii funds, is that procedures were in place to determine the legitimacy of outside contracts, but those procedures were not always followed.

The independent task force was created by the university after the so-called "Wonder Blunder" in which the university lost $200,000 to a bogus company, Epic Entertainment, that purported to represent R&B icon Stevie Wonder.

Fact-finder Larry Rodriguez also stated it remains unknown who authorized the printing of tickets for the Aug. 18 concert that was to benefit the UH Athletics Department.

Rodriguez, an independent business consultant, said he asked Stan Sheriff Arena manager Rich Sheriff if it was he who had authorized the ticket printing, but Sheriff replied, “It must of have come from higher ups.”

Photo courtesy Tsar Kasim.

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